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137938418Waldyr A. Rodrigues Jr, Edmundo Capelas de OliveiraThe Many Faces of Maxwell, Dirac and Einstein Equations A Clifford Bundle Approach (Lecture Notes in Physics), 2nd Edition2016pdf8/29/2018 6:45:42 AM007x
137929337L. C. Biedenharn, J. D. LouckAngular Momentum in Quantum Physics: Theory and Application1981-12djvu,pdf8/29/2018 4:08:00 AMBluestory
137929044S. Doniach, E. H. SondheimerGreen's Functions for Solid State Physicists1998-06-06pdf8/29/2018 3:56:29 AMBluestory
137927744Michael RiordanThe Hunting of the Quark: A True Story of Modern Physics (Touchstone Book)1987-09-01azw3,pdf,djvu8/29/2018 3:13:29 AMBluestory
137910285John GribbinSchrodinger's Kittens and the Search for Reality: Solving the Quantum Mysteries1996-05-01djvu8/28/2018 7:36:45 PMtvladb77
137908132Piotr T. ChruscielHamiltonian Field Theory in the Radiating Regime (Lecture Notes in Physics Monographs)2001-12-18pdf8/28/2018 6:08:37 PMtvladb77
137881775Klavs HansenStatistical Physics of Nanoparticles in the Gas Phase, Second Edition2017PDF,EPUB8/28/2018 7:30:18 AMalex21s
137881479Dimitrij TschoduWie man effektiv und nachhaltig Physik studiert: Tipps und Tricks fur Studienanfanger [German]2017PDF,EPUB8/28/2018 7:22:48 AMalex21s
1378789248Kurt LechnerClassical Electrodynamics: A Modern Perspective2017PDF,EPUB8/28/2018 6:54:38 AMalex21s
137878164Anatoly PopovDisordered Semiconductors Second Edition: Physics and Applications2017PDF8/28/2018 6:41:46 AMalex21s
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