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137750766Carole HillenbranIslam: A New Historical Introduction2013EPUB8/26/2018 1:11:57 AMGustavi
1376775172Peter TownsendThe Mecca Mystery: Probing the Black Hole at the Heart of Muslim HistoryJune 5, 2018epub,azw38/25/2018 12:19:41 AMahmed tito
137244552Stephen P. BlakeTime in Early Modern Islam: Calendar, Ceremony, and Chronology in the Safavid, Mughal and Ottoman Empires2013-02-11pdf8/18/2018 4:52:15 PMtvladb77
136626685Pedram KhosronejadThe Art and Material Culture of Iranian Shi'ism: Iconography and Religious Devotion in Shi'i Islam2013PDF8/11/2018 5:53:15 AMGustavi
136398360Nuraan DavidsEthical Dimensions of Muslim Education2016pdf8/7/2018 12:45:51 PMtvladb77
136329873Boaz ShoshanThe Arabic Historical Tradition & the Early Islamic Conquests: Folklore, Tribal Lore, Holy War2013PDF8/6/2018 12:18:25 AMGustavi
136327661Seth KimmelParables of Coercion: Conversion and Knowledge at the End of Islamic Spain2013EPUB8/5/2018 11:52:10 PMGustavi
136309559Sylvia Chan-MalikBeing Muslim: A Cultural History of Women of Color in American Islam2013EPUB8/5/2018 11:13:25 AMGustavi
1358238155Sachal SmithESOTERIC ISLAM: A Hermetic Perspective on Islamic Traditions2018PDF, MOBI, EPUB7/27/2018 11:33:33 AMsmith777
135445865Herbert BergMethod and Theory in the Study of Islamic Origins (Islamic History and Civilization)2003pdf7/21/2018 8:33:59 AMtvladb77
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