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1377703178Alex BoeseElectrified Sheep: Glass-eating Scientists, Nuking the Moon, and More Bizarre Experiments2013EPUB8/26/2018 4:37:34 AMGustavi
137756598Brian CleggTen Billion Tomorrows: How Science Fiction Technology Became Reality and Shapes the Future2013EPUB8/26/2018 2:49:53 AMGustavi
1377447210Michael S. GazzanigaTales from Both Sides of the Brain: A Life in NeuroscienceJanuary 26, 2016epub8/26/2018 12:04:34 AMahmed tito
137673770Rob ToplisHow Science Works: Exploring effective pedagogy and practiceJanuary 20, 2011pdf8/24/2018 11:42:38 PMahmed tito
137603888David WeinbergerEverything Is Miscellaneous: The Power of the New Digital DisorderApril 29, 2008epub,mobi,azw38/23/2018 11:37:38 PMahmed tito
137597683Andrew BurgessThe Executive Guide to Artificial Intelligence: How to identify and implement applications for AI in your organizationNovember 15, 2017epub,azw38/23/2018 10:39:45 PMahmed tito
1373802146Albert JackThey Laughed at Galileo: How the Great Inventors Proved Their Critics Wrong2015-09-22epub8/20/2018 11:20:28 PMtvladb77
137357693Oliver Luckett, Michael J. CaseyThe Social Organism: A Radical Understanding of Social Media to Transform Your Business and LifeNovember 15, 2016epub8/20/2018 5:49:35 PMahmed tito
137244659Gabriela SignoriWunder [German]2007-09-30pdf8/18/2018 4:53:57 PMtvladb77
1364960226Simon SinghThe Code Book: The Secret History of Codes and Code-breaking.2010djvu8/9/2018 12:02:02 AMcitizen4
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