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Investment Development, Corp.

Florida Licensed CGC 1513249

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About us


From our early roots as a builder to today’s advanced construction technologies

Father and son…forward-thinking innovators and entrepreneurs…together, started a small business in Florida that flourished through a hard-earned reputation for quality and dedication to excellence. That same spirit has stayed true over years of Blanco family members. From our earliest roots, we’re builders. Talk to us today, and you’ll experience not only those core values but also a company that’s continuously evolving and changing the building industry status quo.

We are a global integrated construction and facility management services firm. Our clients entrust us to deliver the projects that will build their futures. From sustainable building to the latest in Lean construction technology and management, above all else, we are advocates for our clients. We’ll make your goals our own, and strive relentlessly to exceed them.

Still a privately held, family-owned company, we know a thing or two about loyalty, stability, and trust.

At the heart of our success is our team of employees across the world whose passion, commitment, experience, and integrity are a central part of every project we deliver.  

Blanco’s people deliver outstanding client satisfaction. We practice our Core Values in our work, giving our clients a unique experience of trust and advocacy.

We are committed to achieving sustained growth that enables us to provide enhanced value to clients and industry partners and opportunities for our people.

Integrity is the foundation upon which we build our relationships with our clients and our employees.

Core Values include:

Integrity, Toughmindedness, Teamwork, Dedication to Excellence, Loyalty, Discipline and Caring.


Executive Management Team


Meet the executive management team of B & B Investment Development Company and learn about their experience, leadership in the construction industry, and how they are actively participating in their communities. The culture of safety, ethics, and core values, we live by as a family business allows our clients and partners to trust that we are never more than a phone call away.





Manuel E Blanco is chairman and chief executive officer of B & B Investment Development, Corp. He is committed to aligning the organization’s strategies and goals in collaboration with the Board of Directors while promoting the company’s continued growth. He is credited with being a driving force behind B & B Investment Development, Corp’s expansion beyond the Florida domestic market. 


Family Culture


As a second generation family-owned business we’ve built the best team in the industry with a culture of caring that treats every one of our employees as a trusted member of the Blanco family.






Proud Blanco family leaders are engaged at all levels within the organization from the Board of Directors, Executive Management Teams, business unit directors, as well as managing departments and projects.

 A family intern program allows interested members to earn their stripes and experience working at B & B Investment Development Company during their college years before entering the workforce.

Office business units including NW Florida and SW Florida are all directed by Manuel E Blanco with a focus on growing their operations to a market leader while attaining a Great Places to Work environment.  Strongly supporting the families that work for them, they continue to build upon the legacy of success through the generations while sustaining profit, project excellence and a dedication to core values.